Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Haul + Review:!

Today's video is a haul of my most recent online purchase; my first Julep Maven Box!

The video:

After hearing some girls on YouTube talk about the insanely great quality of Julep polishes, I decided to give them a try, considering I only paid one penny for my first box.  

Yup, you read correctly! I only paid one cent for my first box. And how could you possibly go wrong with 2 nail polishes and an extra gift for only a penny!? is one of the many online subscription services where you receive products for a given price each month. Although, unlike most subscription services, Julep offers 3 full size products (2 nail polishes and an extra gift) in each box. AND on top of getting full size polishes, both colors are not available on the site yet! You will be the first to get your hands on the colors in your box!! :)

The 2 colors I got are called 'Hayden' (a neon peach creme) and 'Courteney' (a key-lime green creme). The best part about receiving these 2 colors was that I really didn't have much in my collection that were too similar to either color, which is one thing I would be worried about on this website. 

In depth reviews of the polishes and the foot cream themselves will be posted in the next few days. :)

If you are looking into trying Julep for the first time, they are currently having a sale for first time Mavens where you can get your first (and only your first) box for only a penny! Just enter the code PENNY at the checkout! As far as I know, there is no end date to this sale, but I would jump on it as soon as possible!

Overall, the company is great. The site is easy to navigate, the founders are very supportive of the Julep community and shipping came in about a week, for free! Definitely worth checking out =)

The site:

Are you subscribed to Julep? Are you considering it now that I've informed you of this fantastic offer? :p Tell me in the comments section below!



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