Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best Coral Nail Polish EVER?! - (notd)

Yes, yes, yes, you heard it here first! This is (in my opinion, of course!) the best, overall coral nail polish. With a great price, good formulation, gorgeous color and many more perks, the Elf Nail Polish in Coral takes the cake!

The color is a medium pink with gold pearlescent duo-chrome. Without the gold added into the polish, the color would be a typical pink, but the golden overlay, it brightens and 'coral-izes' (yay for new words!) the polish.

The Elf Nail Polish in Coral is only $2. That's right, TWO dollars! It can be purchased online or at Target.  How many of you guys drive 30-60 minutes to the nearest Ulta or Spehora to get your hands on a Butter London Polish for $14? This polish is cheaper, as well as more accessible.

As for quality, the polish is opaque in just one coat! Although, the color is much more bright when 2 coats are applied, as well as a shiny topcoat.

Overall, the price for this product is right, the color is an unusual one, so definitely good to add to your collection, and is well formulated.

This swatch does the polish justice more than the one above! GORGEOUS!

Would you consider purchasing this polish? Do you already own it? What's your favorite coral nail polish? Comment down below!


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